Capture Life In HD


Capture Life In HD

cyber event coverage

Comprehensive media coverage for sports, business, and more. High-quality video and photography to capture every moment of your event.

Create compelling business videos for your website, social media, and training purposes. Showcase your brand and services effectively.

Crafting engaging video advertisements for social media, YouTube, and TV. Boost your brand’s presence with our creative and impactful ads.

From recording to editing, we provide complete podcast production services. High-quality audio and video to make your podcast stand out.

Grow Your Brand

Grow your brand and business with professional videos and photos on your website and social media. With videos, being able to grab attention and keep a higher retention on your site. It’s the preferred method for most businesses to grow their brand and audience.

Show your products, services or yourself with high quality photoshoots. Whether you need to show your products to potential customers, or you need some professional photos for your portfolio. We provide high quality images, and we can arrange it anywhere for your convenience.

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media production and video services uk
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Gaming Festival

Full Event Coverage

Make sure you don’t miss a thing, no matter what the event types. Share your event with your audience, either in its entirety or clips, to bring attention and awareness to your event. We can create video and photos to bring your event to life on your social media.

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Product Images

Live Streaming

One of the best and most effective ways of growing social media accounts is by sharing live feeds or events, yourself or even your products. We can set up a live-streaming setup to any social (including multiple socials media at once) with HD quality footage, chat moderation and professional branding.

Video Editing

Have your own clips but not sure how to edit them? We can help you edit any video, in any size! Whether it’s a product video, a YouTube video or advertisement. We provide professional editing for videos and audio, including touch ups and corrections for the perfect piece of media to post.

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Logo Design

In need of a logo for your business? Our graphic designers can create you a logo to your exact specifications. Let us know the style you want. Any details or drawings, and we can put it together for you for an affordable price.

Animated Videos

Create eye catching animated videos for business introductions, training videos or even to grow your social media channels.

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Music Video Production

Are you a local band in the Gosport or Hampshire area? Elevate your music with professional and affordable music video production to turn your songs into a visual masterpeice.

The video contains flashing images and explicit language.

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What Locations Do You Cover?

We cover any location in the UK. As we are based in Hampshire, the only price difference might be travel, depending on how far the location is from Hampshire.


What Photoshoots Do We Cover?

We cover any style of photoshoot providing it is within our ability. So this includes photoshoots for your portfolio, car photoshoots and even aesthetically pleasing photography for your social media platforms.


Is Your Video In HD or 4k

We provide both HD and 4k quality for videos. Our 4k pricing is higher than HD as it takes up a lot more space and higher spec computers to edit.


Do You Have a Studio For Podcasts?

We are currently in the process of getting a studio for our customers. However, we provide the full package for podcasting including, video, audio and also booking the closest studio to you.


Can You Post On My Social Media Channels For Me?

The simple answer is YES! Depending on your needs we can take full responsibility for your socialĀ  media, meaning you don't have to lift a finger!

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