Media Production For Tech Businesses

View our latest tech video for a hosting company to show of their unique hosting packages and to promote on its social media channels.

Videos to Advertise Your Services or Products

We have worked with many companies like SeekaHost and created a huge variety of different videos for different purposes. On the most part they are to advertise or for paid promotions such as this one.

What Are Paid Promotions?

This is where you create a video and spend a budget on advertising it in different ways for many people to see. By paying you don’t have to wait for organic viewers as you can specify how many people you want to reach and what their interests are.

Good places for paid promotions include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google/YouTube
  • Tiktok
  • LinkedIn

Video Editing For Tech Videos

We can create videos in many styles, this includes animated, 3D motion, in person and AI talking videos.

The editing is done in multiple layers/stages to ensure that you re happy with each step and to create the best video for what you need.

We are very specific to what you need the video for. As some can be informative, some might be for sales. So by talking to you we find out the main purpose and audience for this video.


Getting a video created to advertise your product, service or offer can really help with sales and giving the potential buyer a great ide and incentive to buy.

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