Music Video Production For Local Bands

Take a look at our first music video production for a local band in the Portsmouth/Southsea area.

Importance of Having a Video For Your Song

Before we take a look at our latest production, lets first talk about how important it is to have a video for your song.

This isn’t something that applies only to artists with a huge following but also local bands, once that are looking to grow and generally any that want a larger exposure.

The main thing is always you music, we understand that. However what we want to do is amplify what you music can achieve by adding visuals to the song!

With a music video you can also tell a story, give a better visual of what you are singing about or add comedy, seriousness or any other emotion to a music song.

Video Production For Frank Volcano

So let’s go through our latest music video production in the Hampshire area.

Conception and Planning

Arron had a very clear vision in his mind of how he wanted the music video to go.

So rather than planning the video script, he wanted us to bring to live what he had in his mind.

Filming Day

We met Arron at his place and went through his locations. We then travelled to his preferred locations around the Portsmouth area to find the perfect places to film and the perfect timings. These included building sites, pubs, parks and other areas.

After getting as much footage as possible we then parted ways after a conversation to confirm the way Arron wanted this video to play out.

Editing The Music Video

With all the footage and the plan ready. We got to work to produce the video as the requirements.

After around 3 version, Arron was pleased and we had a final video!

Take a look at the video below to see how it turned out!

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