Online Booking System For Websites

Creating booking/scheduling system to take the hassle away from old school spreadsheets and automating processes.

The Brief

We were asked to help automate the process of booking in therapists for a therapy being renewed in a popular gym in Gosport.

The problem was, that currently all therapists had to try to book the therapy room through the gym staff. This caused issues due to lack of communication and using old school printed spreadsheets.

This was no one was up-to-date, they had double bookings and most of all the therapists were cancelling without payment. Meaning the room was not used with not enough time for the owner to book another therapist for them times.

The Solution With a Booking System

It was fairly clear what needed to be done. By creating a booking system on their website. It would not only make it easier and more organised by having 1 calendar that is updated automatically.

But this also means the owner can take payment for the room first without worrying about therapists cancelling on him last minute without paying.

The booking form should not only book therapists in, take payments but also offer a rescheduling service to fully automate the procedure.

The End Product

We created a fully functional booking system for this gym that it will not only facilitate the therapy room they look to rent. But also any further rentable areas they might want, such as booking a PT session or a studio room.

Here are the functions they have available on their booking form:

  • Booking calendar
  • Booking system
  • Automatic emails + reminders
  • Accounts for managing bookings
  • Payment system to take payments
  • Easy booking method
  • Staff app to manage bookings
  • Variable time bookings


Using this booking system, they will save a huge amount of time and save human error. It completely automates the rental of the room. Meaning less time trying to find out who is renting it and when, and more time advertising the room itself for more income.

Do you need a booking system for your business? This system work for most bookings needs. Salons, PT’s, Therapists, Consultants etc. Click the button below to get in touch with us to get a quote, a booking system on your website.

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