Social Media Management

Complete social media management services to ensure your socials have always got fresh new content, aimed for the right audience.

social media management services

Weekly Videos

Get social media videos posted each week to keep your brand and products in the forefront of peoples minds. This can be done completely remotely!

Grow All Social Media Platforms

Post on up to 6 different social media platforms to make sure viewers see your content no matter what socials they use.

Social Media Strategies

Get a comprehensive social media strategy to find out the best target audience, identify keywords and learn how to best promote your service or products.

Weekly Advertising Images

Don’t just post videos, get custom designed images/photos to post weekly on your social media channels with well written text for your posts to advertise.


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google business review card sabz massage
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Benefits of Using Social Media Management Services

Running a business consists of so many different factors that can take up a lot of time. This means that social media can either take up much more of your time, or that you have to rely on staff to post.

This is why having a dedicated social media manager comes in. It means that you no longer have to rely on others or spend any spare moment you have trying to think of what to post.

Targetting The Right Audience

The first thing we do for every customer is create a complete social media strategy plan. Here we go over the target audience, what products or services you offer and how we can connect the 2 together in the best way through your social media.

We help grow your social media channels, increase sales or get you brand recognition. All with you having to lift a finger.

social media management services package
Taster Package
£99 p/m

Get started with our taster package. This will get you started with social media posts on your channels every single week. Our team will get the content written to best promote your business, and post it for you on your channels.

      • 1 Social Media Post per week (Written Post)
      • Posted on up to 2 Social Media Platforms
      • Social Media Strategy Plan
      • 3 Month Contract
social media management services package
Starter Package
£250 p/m
  • 1 Video Per Week
  • Posted on up to 2 Platforms
  • Social Media Strategy Plan
  • No Contract
  • Advertising Image Posting
social media management services package
Standard Package
£300 p/m
  • 1 Video Per Week
  • 1 Advertising Image p/w
  • Posted on up to 4 Platforms
  • Social Media Strategy Plan
  • No Contract
social media management services package
Premium Package
£550 p/m
  • 2 Videos Per Week
  • 2 Advertising Images p/w
  • Posted on up to 6 Platforms
  • Social Media Strategy Plan
  • No Contract

Written Posts

Our written posts are part of our Starter Package. After your first strategy plan, we look at who you want to target and the best way to target them through social media posts. We promote products, talk about new features or other ways of growing engagement with your channel or getting the right C.T.A (Call to action).

Number or Social Media Platforms

This differs on different packages. The bigger the package, the more platforms we can post on for you. Typically we would need an account created for us on the social media platforms of your choice and we post through there for you. This way if you decide to leave us you can simply delete the role or account added to the channel and have complete control.

Videos Per Week

Videos are a large part of what we do for our social media management of channels as it really helps for engagement and growth. After our strategy session for your business, we then create videos to post on your channels up to 60 seconds in length.

These videos can be ideas you have had and want to bring to your channels or planned and executed by us, after getting them approved from your first.

These can range from funny videos, informative videos or even new products videos and reviews. The videos are taken by us (unless it is easier for you to send us the footage) fully edited, branded and posted for you with relevant wording/tags and links.

Advertising Images

Our advertising images are designed by our team to promote your business on social media. These can also be images sent to us by you that then get edited to suit the post. We custom design all our images to promote your posts. For example your products or team, and with written wording to go with these posts to point the viewers in the C.T.A (Call to action).

Social Media Strategy Plan

This is done once we first meet or talk in an online meeting. We find out what products or services you want to promote, who your target audience is, view your social media analytics, check what has worked or not worked in the past and create a plan to go forward.

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