Social Media Video Production For Businesses

An important thing for all business is targetted social media videos for existing users and to get more followers at the same time.

Why Post Videos on Social Media?

The answer is simple, videos get more retention from viewers. Not only that but they also convey the exact message you want to the target audience much better than a picture post or text.

By planning an effective social media video production strategy, you can make sure that the viewers you want will enjoy and connect with your business or brand.

The best method is to discuss with our team and find out exactly who you want the video to be targeted too. By finding this out, you can then plan the video for your social media accordingly.

By planning before you start your video you can make sure the video gets better views, higher user retention and does better with the algorithms.

Social Media Videos For Local Gosport Gym

One of our clients we have done social media video posting work for is Fitness 24 Gym and Health Group in Gosport.

Here we wanted to show the users of the gym plus some equipment they use to help others get more familiar with the layout of the gym and how friendly the members are.

So to do this we have created some videos that are quick to keep retention and also convey that exact message.

We set up in the reception and started asking customers that had some time to have a chat with us and show us what they were training! Here are the results.

Video 1 – Targeted for Downstairs & Strength Training

Video 2 – Targeted for Upstairs & Cardio


The videos were a hit almost instantly, with great user engagement and far exceeding their past social media posts that they had boosted and spent money on.

Meaning that organically we reached more users by simply creating a good social media video that was achieved even with paying for ad’s.

If you are looking for a professional videographer in Gosport and the surrounding areas to help with your social media videos, then click the button below to find out more.

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