Staff Photoshoot at Popular Local Gym In Gosport

Photoshoot at a popular local gym in Gosport for the new staff page on their website.

The Job Specifications

We are asked by Fitness 24 in Gosport to help with staff photos to go on the upcoming staff page that we will be designing for them. These were the specifications.

  • Clear pictures of all the staff.
  • Dark background.
  • Logo of the gym.
  • Get a Bio for each staff.

And of course to come in at appropriate times for them all to be in work as not to have to re-schedule any of the staff on days off.

How the Photoshoot Went

So to make this work, we arrived in the morning first to get the first two staff members when they were in. I start by setting up two areas, one with their dark wall background and another without white background. It’s always better to over prepare, and the white background pictures might come in handy for another time.

With the lights up and in the right place, I positioned the chairs and found appropriate times to get the staff.

At this point, I spent some time with each staff making sure they were happy with the pictures and lighting, and we tried different camera settings and light displays until they were happy.

staff photos 1

With both staff members happy and the pictures looking good, I then left and came back later in the evening to capture the rest of the staff.

We took turns taking photos until the rest of the staff had been captured and were happy with their pictures and the lighting.

Getting Staff Bio’s

Now finally we needed the bio’s for when the website page for the staff goes live. This is always hard as people don’t know what to write and it always awkward trying to write something about yourself.

We overcome this by bringing a default bio written as a general staff member that they can use as a template on how to write theirs if they so wish.

Editing the Photos

I found that removing them from the current background and adding them to a background looked much better. So I got to work cropping them out and adding them to a solid dark background colour where the logo would stand out the best.

Final Thoughts

I loved my time at Fitness 24 in Gosport. Not only are the members lovely, but the staff were very friendly and really into their workplace. Make sure to follow our blog to find out more about when the staff page goes live and some of the media work we are doing for them.

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