The UK Business Page Directory Website Build

Building what is going to be the leading UK business directory site on the

Building a Directory Website

There are lots of things that go into a successful directory. First and foremost the ease of use for the customer as there is so much competition out there.

Secondly, the functionality of the website giving flawless management for users.

And thirdly, a concrete monetization plan so that the company can monetise its users and start to pay for its expenses.

Here at the features we were asked to build:

  • Working vendor dashboard.
  • Messaging service.
  • Easy listing.
  • 3 main categories and more precise subcategories.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • reCAPTCHA bot protection.
  • Security for login, DDoS attacks & 2-Factor authentication.
  • Pricing and membership structure.
  • WooCommerce setup.

Using the Best Directory Plugin For This Site

There are many directory plugins to use, such as the directorist, classified listings or even the business directory plugin.

However, after experience with all of these plugins we decided to go with HivePress, in our opinion one of the best directory plugins with the most features for website owners.

This plugin can provide what the business owner needs and more with its extensive list of free and paid plugins.

The Directory Dashboard

Once signed up, the users can easily add and manage all listings from their dashboard.

Messaging Service

Users can message business to enquire about products or services easily through the messaging system. This also has an administrator check to monitor messages.

Easy Listing For Businesses

Adding your business can be done within a minute and so simple that anyone can do it.

Directory Business Categories

First, we created the three main categories that most businesses would fit into to as general categories. Including a miscellaneous on the menu.

Next we created an “all categories” page with custom designed graphics for each and every category.

Pricing, Membership & WooCommerce Setup

By installing WooCommerce, we could then integrate it with the paid membership plans on HivePress to create free and paid memberships for using a different amount of listings.


This directory website is still being built as of this post, but you can check out the progress here on the UK Business Page yourself. We will keep you updated and move this over to our portfolio once it’s complete.

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