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Show your business, service or brand with a video that will make you stand out from the crowd in Gosport.

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Video Production Services in Gosport

Looking for a trusted and local videographer to take your businesses or brand to the next level? With years of filming and editing experience, we can help you with professional videos to cater for any business or brand.

What We Offer?

We offer a huge range of different media services including video, photography, website design and even help with advertising campaigns online, including Google Ad’s.

Video Advertising

Advertising videos to show your products in a much better way that photos, bring your products to live and show them in their best possible light. Along with that we can help create captivating videos for you to advertise on your social media or even on television.

Business Media Videos

Business media is important for any business no matter what the size. Whether its a captivating video on the top of your website homepage or a video to show your services. We believe the best way to get your message access is with videos and showing your customers exactly what you offer.

Event Coverage

Event coverage in Gosport is important to highlight what is going on, promote future events or simply give your current audience a way of experiencing the event again and again by listing your social media and watching it back. Make sure to keep the memories alive or simply promote your next event in the area.

Freelance Filming

Freelance filming is the best option for when you don’t know how long a video might take to film or you’re filming off the cuff. This could be for your own social media where you need someone to cover your daily activities or when you need a videographer present but you don’t have an exact schedule.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is important for events. It gives your customers or potential customers a chance to see what is happening in real time. It also gives a great opportunity for new viewers to join and find out what your event is about.

Podcast Production

Podcast production in Gosport is hard to come by. You can find some audio studios, but apart from this you have to travel far to find someone who can not only record the audio for your podcast, but can also film at the same time and edit your podcast into a watchable and entertaining video. We can also help with distribution over the Spotify app, amazon, google and more podcast places including creating an RSS feed of your podcast to share elsewhere.

Photoshoots and Photography

We provide professional photography for a variety or occasions. Whether it’s a wedding where you want to highlight the best bits of a day. A baby shower or first birthday of your child or even product photos for your takeaway or restaurant. We cover a huge variety of areas and we are glad to help bring your dream to reality. From model photoshoots, to your first ever photoshoots to build your portfolio. We are professional, have excellent equipment and can work with outside shots, inside shots or even green screen.

Photoshoots and Photography

We provide video editing services incase you have the footage yourself, but you just can’t seem to make a captivating video from it.

Whether its a gaming video for your YouTube channel, a podcast you want put together to post on your social or any other type of video. We have the best editing equipment, any effect you might want and we are able to make a video with amazing audio, images, motion graphics and pretty much anything you can image.


If you are looking for a videographer to create media or a photographer to take professional videos in Gosport or anywhere in the UK. Cyber Media App has you covered with a trusted and professional team that can help capture it in HD, 4K or picture your best moments.

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