Website Design For Gym and Health Club

Lets take a look at some of our work with a Gym and Health Club to improve and add some additional pages on their website.

Staff Page Website Design


We started first by arranging a photoshoot for all the staff to come and in get their photos taken.

We provide all the lighting, cameras and backgrounds.

Editing The Photos

All photos where then edited and added to a plain coloured background with the company logo.

Website Design

We then added the staff photos in the desired way with matching profile designs, biographies and social links. We also added some extra glow effects, rounded edges and general tidying up of the profiles.

Member Achievement Website Page

Getting The Information

Before we started this we had to talk with some of the members to find out more about them and their achievements.

After some back and forth we were able to secure the images we could use of them and also the information we could add to the page.

Website Page Design

We then created a colour matching design to add all the information on. Including a bio and their best achievements.

Mobile Responsive

We noticed that the design wasn’t coming out the best on mobile so we designed a mobile only design for mobile users to get the best visual of each section. This is automatically applied to the device size you watch on.

Powerlifting Website Design Page

Showing The Best Parts

We first took some images of the relevant parts of the gym to display on this powerlifting page.

This page serves a few purposes. Firstly to give information to anyone looking to join but also to rank for the “powerlifting” term. This way when someone “Googles” it they will see this page come up.

The Design

We kept to the website theme of dark grey, gold highlights and rectangle images.

Displaying the best parts of the gym with some good content to go with it to help with SEO.

All images where named for SEO purposes and we included membership prices and the gym shop items as it seemed very relevant for a call to action page.

Empowering Women Website Design Page

The Reason For The Page

After talking to the owner it turns out there were many inspiring women in that gym that have achieved remarkable things.

We wanted to show people and inspire them also. By seeing what these ladies can do, it might well inspire future generations to compete too.

Benefits of this Page

Some benefits that weren’t planned but have worked out really well are the rankings on search engine for “women’s gym”.

As we always name images for best SEO practises and have some content talking about a women’s gym. It now shows up on the first take of google results for the search of “women’s gym” in the rea.


We can cater for any type of website and style. We pride ourselves in being able to bring your design idea to life. If you are also looking for addition pages to your website or gym website. Click on the button below to find out more and then get in touch for a free quote.

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