Website Design & Improvements

We cover a vast array of website improvements. From website page design or updates, creating e-commerce stores for your site. Fixing issues or even SEO to get your site showing higher in the search results of Google.

Keep Your Website Professional and Functional

Websites are often the first landing place for a customers looking for your business. After searching it up on their phone or pc/laptop they will look to see you have a website and most importantly it looks legit. This is why its the number one place to get sorted first as many people will judge and even decide not to buy if the website for the business isn’t up to scratch for what they expect.

Some of Our Portfolio

website design therapy websites
website design membership site
Website Design
Looking to get your first website up and running? We can help from conception to the finished project. Creating mobile and user friendly websites is a must and we are here to bring your ideas to life. Whether its a booking website, somewhere to show your services or even a membership website. We will work with you to create the perfect site to represent your business, brand or opportunity.
Page Improvements
After some time, pages can start to look old and give a disused feel to them. Updating them helps for anyone visiting your site as well as where it shows on search engines like Google or Bing. Search engines also prefer to show up to date websites with information and images that get updated after time.
Plugins & Setup
Trying to setup a plugin but finding it confusing. Perhaps its just not working as you expected? We can help setup your plugins and get them working as per your need with our expert team of WordPress experts.
SEO & Advertising
How do you get your site to show up first when people search for your service, business or brand? Good SEO is the way! Search engine optimisation means we optimise your entire site to display higher up the search results
Fixing Site Issues
Unexpected issues can really cause stress and even loss in revenue. When you have a problem on your website, its best to get an expert to look at it to solve it as fast as possible with out creating a bigger problem. We can diagnose and firmest WordPress or domain related issues for you remotely or in person at your premises. Don't let website issues stress you out, get in contact and let us fix the issue.
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